Association News

Celebrate National Newspaper Week – Oct. 6-12

National Newspaper Week 2019 will be observed Oct. 6-12, 2019. The annual celebration marks the impact of newspapers in their communities. (more…)

FPA member application pending – Comments requested

The Florida Press Association has received an application for Associate membership – Online, from the News Service of Florida. In accordance (more…)

Legal Update

From the Legal Hotline (877-NEWS-LAW)

Editor’s Note: The following are several questions from our Legal Hotline Archive. New hotline Q and A’s will resume in the next edition of the e-Bulletin. (more…)

First Amendment Foundation News

FAF September Roundup

A message from FAF President Barbara Petersen and more news from the First Amendment Foundation. (more…)

Special Features

Exclusive FPA member discount on Borrell Miami 2020 conference

After 10 years in Manhattan, our famed LOAC moves to warmer climes. That’s right, our 11th annual event will be in Miami! (more…)

Industry News

There’s a reader revenue revolution happening. Will legacy news miss it — again?

When it comes to legacy news media and any new digital innovation, you can usually count on two things: The innovation will begin too late (more…)

How Bahamians have covered Dorian

The force of the wind was so great, it stripped bark from the trees. The Albury Donnies, a fleet (more…)

Apple News is excluding local newsrooms from its coveted traffic bump

On April 23, a federal judge in Oregon blocked the enforcement of a new rule banning (more…)

Local newspapers are suffering, but they’re still (by far) the most significant journalism producers in their communities

Local newspapers have always been the epicenter of local news ecosystems. While communities (more…)

Americans endorse reporter-audience social media interaction

Americans give a “thumbs up” to news reporters using social media to interact with their audiences (more…)

A way out of the woods for the future of journalism? Medill survey of news leaders gives it a shot.

It’s a new twist on the now-familiar exercise: trying to find solid, hopeful initiatives (more…)

Native advertising may jeopardize the legitimacy of newsrooms

Native advertising is the central digital-revenue stream for the publishing industry. It makes up (more…)

Unprepared for unpublishing? Here’s how some newsrooms are rethinking what lasts forever

The Internet doesn’t last forever, for everyone. (more…)

How young people consume news and the implications for mainstream media

Younger audiences are different from older groups not just in what they do, but in their core (more…)

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