With or without me, Florida will always be wonderfully, unrelentingly weird

Let’s get it over with. (more…)

With the 2016 Election Polls Missing the Mark, Should Newsrooms Rely Less on Polls This Year?

I’m not sure newsrooms should be using polling information less in the future, but they should instead present the results as they actually are—mere estimates. Only after the polls were deemed to be obviously flawed—i.e. after President Trump took his surprising win in 2016—did we start hearing about why those polling results may have been flawed. However, we should have known all along those poll results could certainly misrepresent the truth of the public’s opinion. (more…)

In 20 years I’m going to run your newsroom. Here’s how to help me get there.

In 2019, I became editor-in-chief of Florida A&M University’s award-winning student magazine, Journey. I was advised to staff the student-led publication with senior-level students who didn’t need much guidance.


“Google paying publishers” is more about PR than the needs of the news industry

Mountain View got the headline it wanted: “Google will start paying publishers for news.”


Make Facebook and Google pay for local news, just like you

If you are a newspaper subscriber or you pick up a copy at a local retailer, you pay for the news and information you receive in your paper’s print edition or digital outlets.


Victims’ rights should not trump open government

In Tampa, two people were found dead in a car near Busch Gardens and the police refused to tell the public anything (more…)

Tread carefully when requiring down payment for democracy

My hometown newspaper instituted a new policy requiring that readers “pay” for the First Amendment right to express (more…)

Newsonomics: The tariffs are gone, but the burden of print weighs heavier and heavier

The newspaper tariffs are dead. How big a difference will that make to those whose businesses still depends on dead trees? (more…)

Shed light on the epidemic of suicides

High-profile deaths always grab headlines. Suicides especially draw attention as witnessed by the deaths of renowned fashion (more…)

To rebuild trust, we need to change journalistic process

Even in the age of Trump, and with trust in journalists at historic lows, much of the industry remains convinced that it (more…)