Facebook Training – Sept. 18-22

LMA has partnered with Facebook to create a specialized training course that will help local account executives sell Facebook at scale to SMBs in their markets. This is the hottest opportunity in digital marketing services right now.

This affordable training consists of six 1-hour live webinar modules combined with some customized online training that was created by Facebook (and not available to the general public at this time).

Companies such as Propel Marketing/GateHouse and Scripps sold over $7 million in Facebook advertising over the past 12 months. This training will go a long way in getting you started or improving your existing strategy.


This interactive online course is for media executives and sales and fulfillment teams who want to learn how to best sell and execute Facebook advertising that will drive ROI for ad clients and revenue growth in this very hot category. Created in collaboration with Shannon Kinney, Founder & Client Success Officer, Dream Local Digital, the training will include interactive webinars, quizzes and homework assignments of self-study. Kinney worked directly with Facebook to develop the course materials. “We’ve got the perfect combo of experience, case studies and direct relationships with Facebook and have created a very dynamic program here,” said Kinney. “Put that together with our collaboration with LMA, the industry leader in innovation and disruption, and you’ve got a high impact one-two punch. Media companies who undergo this training can expect powerful results.”


The training will help participants comprehend and capture the opportunity in selling Facebook advertising, a rapidly growing segment. Everything from how to sell, to targeting for the highest ROI, best practices, case studies, and more, will be expertly covered.


  • Best practices and tactics to deliver high ROI for clients
  • How to purchase and manage Facebook ads and their units
  • Targeting objectives and lead generation
  • Reporting
  • Instagram advertising
  • Sales & fulfillment approaches
  • Much more…

Dates & Times

Monday, September 18 | Noon-1:15 p.m. ET and then Tuesday, September 19 thru Friday, September 22 | Noon-1 p.m. ET


$445 (Media Association Partner)

There is a 5% volume discount for 5 to 9 participants. Need more information or have questions? Contact Lindsey Estes at lindsey.estes@localmedia.org

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