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FAF October Roundup

Sunshine Seminar Series schedule, open government pledge, and more news from the First Amendment Foundation.

2018 Sunshine Seminar Series Schedule

St. Petersburg Seminar
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Naples Seminar 
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Orlando Seminar 
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Jacksonville Seminar 
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Tallahassee Seminar 
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Has your candidate pledged transparency? It’s THE LAW

Now that the 2018 Midterm General Election in full swing, it is time again for candidates running or seeking re-election to sign the Brechner Center & First Amendment Foundation’s Open Government Pledge.

We encourage all candidates planning to serve Florida in state, local or federal capacities to sign this pledge in order to demonstrate their commitment to governmental transparency.

Candidates that sign and return our pledge will be listed on FAF’s website along with their colleagues that agreed to do the same.

Please click here for a PDF version of the Pledge.

Together, we can work together to protect and advance the public’s constitutional right to open government. Urge your candidates to show their commitment to transparency by visiting our website and completing the pledge. It’s the LAW.

FAF Top Posts

#1 Lawyer for Barwin contends few emails are missing from Sarasota public
Herald Tribune by Nicole Rodriguez
September 10, 2018

#2  Supreme Court nixes panel’s attempt to shield judges under investigation from public disclosure laws
Florida Watchdog by John Haughey
August 31, 2018 (posted by FAF in September)

#3 Barwin didn’t forward all work-related emails from private account
Herald-Tribune Nicole Rodriguez
September 11, 2018

About the First Amendment Foundation

The First Amendment Foundation believes that government openness and transparency is critical to citizen trust and involvement in our democratic society – without Government in the Sunshine, civic engagement cannot bloom. Through ongoing monitoring of the state’s public records, open meetings laws, the education of government officials and citizens – the Foundation promotes the public’s constitutional right to oversee and to participate in the governance process.

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