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Run the Pulse of America survey ads – Get free local statewide results

We are supporting the new survey from Pulse Research; a comprehensive shopping statewide survey of members audiences.. Once the research project is complete, Pulse will provide us with results to share with our members at no additional cost.

By getting completed surveys from your audience, the final results will better reflect your market areas and our state.  ​The purpose is to provide audience data that can be used in local sales presentations. To help reach the sample goal by the end of December, please consider promoting the survey in your markets.

Here are six ways you can start promoting now.

  1. Run a web Intercept
    This has proven to be the fastest and most successful way to reach readers.
    Some clients are able to get needed sample in just a day or two. So you can save this idea for when it is needed. Contact support@paper.net  to get your own custom web intercept.
  2. Schedule and run the ROP ad
    Consistent print promotion works.  Also try frequent smaller ads in more sections. Use attached ad, or get other sizes here.
  3. Promote on your Facebook page.
    A posting on your facebook page or other social media can get quick results. See message ideas here.
  4. Send an Email Blast
    Contacting your readers directly with a message about helping local businesses. See the example text on this page.
  5. Run Banner Ads
    This is one of the easiest ways to consistently promote and get sample. Use the creatives or the ad script here; let us know if you need custom ad sizes.
  6. Run classified Ad
    ​Just set the ad to run in every issue and in a variety of sections. See the example text at the bottom of this page.