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Southern Circulation Managers’ Association annual conference – April 4-6

The SCMA and MACMA conference is held each year in order for all of everyone to network, meet, discuss, receive and give ideas, and learn about techniques to grow revenue, circulation, all types of circulation, and audience growth. This year the conference is called Evolution.

We will have several breakout sessions for revenue growth, audience growth, expense cuts, and cross department programs.

There will also be several publishers attending the conference to participate in the 3rd annual Publisher’s Panel. These men and women tell us how they see the industry changing and answer your questions.

We also have an “Ask the Experts” panel dedicated to our business partners’ perspective and products on solving industry challenges. Attendees are welcome to ask questions and find out how to meet their goals through business partner solutions.

The popular “Hot Ideas” breakfast will be back so please be sure to bring your ideas and successes and swap them for your next big achievement.

There are several speakers/presenters, legal professionals will attend and present, and lots of after hours events for networking.

You can also join SCMA for just $65 per year and take advantage of the year round network for questions and ideas.

This year’s conference is going to be in Chattanooga at the beautiful, newly remodeled Read House hotel.

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