Legal Update

Latest Update on Bad Public Notice Bills– HB 1235 by Rep. Fine (R. Palm Bay); SB 1676 by Sen. Baxley (R. Lady Lake)

HB 1235 (the bill ending the current system of newspaper public notice) was recently removed from the State Affairs Committee reference and placed on the House second reading calendar. This means the bill could be heard this week on the House floor although now it appears more likely to come up next week.  (We will keep you updated on the procedural status of this bill, which as with other House legislation, changes frequently with little notice.)

We are asking publishers to show opposition to this bill by publishing editorials and columns (several are available at and there are also two house ads that explain the importance of keeping public notice in the newspaper to readers.

In addition, we are asking publishers to contact their state legislators, particularly if you have a good relationship with them.  Ask your representatives to vote no on HB 1235.  We have key talking points on why these are bad bills. Please contact Dean Ridings at if you have not already received these.

Regarding the Senate version (SB 1676), it hasn’t gotten any traction and we hope it will remain that way. In any event, we are asking publishers to contact key senators if they have a good relationship with the senator and ask him/her to oppose SB 1676.

We will keep you advised as developments occur.

For a full report of all bills we are following, see the Legislative Report (Middle of Week 6).