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Simple ways to build trust? Apparently NOT

Trust in news media isn’t a lost cause.

Studies from the Media Insight Project, Gallup, Trusting News and others show that audiences put their trust in the news depending on certain factors that are present within the organization. In order to uncover where news outlets are on target or lacking in these factors, I conducted research with news sites across the country.

For this study, I reviewed 70+ randomly selected outlets in Missouri, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Washington. I started with Missouri and Georgia because of their connections with the Trusting News project, and expanded to Pennsylvania and Washington to get a broader view of news sites across the US. To make the selections random, I took a list of outlets from each state off Wikipedia and numbered the sites. I numbered daily papers, weekly papers, TV stations, and hyperlocal stations separately. After, I put the numbers into a random number generator until I had the desired number of outlets from each state.

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