How can you reach future readers and create an NIE program that works?

Your newspaper plays an important role when it comes to informing the public what’s happening around the world, especially in your community. It is not just your current subscribers and single copy readers who need some attention though. Thinking about future readers is vital for survival in today’s ever-changing media drenched world.

Did you know there are nearly three million students in Florida public, private and alternative schools who need to be updated on the current issues surrounding them? These future readers and citizens can be reached daily through your newspaper and its Newspaper in Education program. Not only will you be reaching those young, new readers, but you also will be reaching their teachers and parents.

Join the Florida Press Educational Services sessions on Thursday, July 11, at the largest media convention in Florida at the beautiful Vinoy Resort in St. Petersburg. Learn how to:

  • Restart or expand your NIE program
  • Share best practices
  • Learn new ways to connect with school districts
  • Learn fundraising methods
  • Discuss grant opportunities

For more information please contact Jodi Pushkin at or Karen Tower at