FPA member application pending – Comments requested

The Florida Press Association has received applications for Associate membership – Online, from the Florida Phoenix. In accordance with FPA bylaws, this application will be published in two consecutive editions of the e-Bulletin, in order to give our members the opportunity to provide feedback about these prospective members. Please email any comments about this prospective associate member-online to deanr@flpress.com.

Florida Phoenix
Julie Hauserman, Editor-in-Chief, submitted the application of the website that has been in business since July 5, 2018. The website has an office in Tallahassee, and states 87,209 pageviews per month on average.

From the FPA Bylaws

3.4.3 Associate membership–online: In the discretion of the Board of Directors, associate membership status may be extended to a corporation or other legal entity that publishes an online news delivery service that meets the following requirements:
i. bears a title or name and is available to the general public, either paid or unpaid, via the World Wide Web;
ii. principally reports local, general news and/or editorial comment not less than an annual average of 25 percent of the entity’s content of announcements, miscellaneous reading matter, commercial and classified advertising;
iii. must have a known Florida-based office of publication, open to the public, where the business or publication is transacted during usual business hours with a local telephone listing;
iv. news, editorial and advertising content updated at least twice-weekly with core content residing on a server or website (links to other web content may be included);
v. follows professionally defined and accepted ethics and standards of journalism;
vi. must not serve primarily as a platform to promote the interest and/or opinions of a special interest group, individual or cause;
vii. must have been continuously published for a minimum of one year;
viii. and fully completes the FPA application process, including a Notice of Application published in two consecutive editions of the organization’s e-bulletin.

3.4.4. Associate member privileges: Associate members shall be entitled to all social privileges of the Association but are not entitled to participate in the official business, discussions, voting, or the holding of office by reason of their Associate membership. Associate members shall be entitled to services provided by the FPA Legal Hotline. Nothing herein contained shall exclude an Associate member from holding an office for which Active membership is not required, provided that such Associate member is duly elected or appointed to such office.