Committee to Protect Journalists: Survey on safety for journalists covering the 2020 US elections

The Committee to Protect Journalists wants to hear directly from journalists covering or planning to cover the 2020 US elections about your safety concerns and the safety resources you have at your disposal.

CPJ will use the data collected in this survey to better support your safety needs. Only some questions, marked * are required, but we ask that you answer as much of the survey as possible to help CPJ gain a fuller picture of safety issues for you and your colleagues. Your responses will remain confidential, and data will be released publicly only in a form that does not identify the individuals who provided information. All data received in the course of this survey will be subject to CPJ’s privacy policy [].

If you are interested in speaking further with CPJ about your safety concerns or experiences covering elections in the US, there is space at the bottom of the survey to provide your contact information.

This survey was created by the Emergencies team at the Committee to Protect Journalists. If you have any questions, concerns, thoughts, or comments about this survey, please email CPJ’s Emergencies team at EMERGENCIES@CPJ.ORG. Thank you for your input and for your time.

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