FPA Elections: Written Consent Procedure for Members to Elect Board Directors/Officers

This year, due to coronavirus events, FPA has cancelled its annual convention, which would have included a session where Active and Life Members vote on the new slate of FPA leadership proposed by the Nominating Committee.

To replace this in-person vote, FPA is acting in accordance with Section 617.0701 of the Florida Not For Profit Corporation Act, which allows members of nonprofits like FPA to take action on such issues without a meeting so long as the action is evidenced by the appropriate number of written consents describing the action taken, and is dated and signed by approving members entitled to vote.

Accordingly, we have put together a Written Consent Form to collect your vote on the proposed slate. If you approve of the proposed slate of officers, please sign and date this form and return the PDF via email to Sam Morley (smorley@flpress.com) no later than Friday, June 19.

The written consent will have the same effect as a meeting vote and the consents will be filed with the minutes of member proceedings.

The new slate of directors and officers will begin their terms at the board meeting in July.