Mark your calendar! FPA VIP Roundtable: Public Notice Legislative Session Prep

Join us for the Florida Press Association’s next (VIP) Virtual Idea Panel to be held via Zoom call on Thursday, February 25th.

Thursday, February 25th  |  2:00 pm EDT

This VIP roundtable discussion will focus on what FPA is doing to keep Public Notices in Newspapers and what can you do in your local markets to help tell our story in a BIG way. The discussion will include a review of the 2 current bad bills we are facing this session and talking points for your local leadership meetings, roll-out of our multi-media “Public Notice needs to BE Noticed!” marketing campaign and we’ll also share the modernization of site which soft launches next week as we give our readers notices how they want it, when they want it and where they want it.This VIP event will take place at 2:00 pm for  All members may attend this session at no cost.

New enhancements to our web and mobile site will include:

  •    A modern look and feel to the homepage display using a ‘card’ design similar to popular news sites.
  •    New site will have both a light and dark theme, with the ability for a user to toggle between the two. This is a very current aesthetic that our readers will find useful.
  •    Use of initial search results (e.g., recent listings for all newspapers) this is going to add a lot more interest to the home page.
  •    There will be strong emphasis on search, and registration.
  •    The site will be mobile friendly and responsive.
  •   In addition to getting email alerts, we have added a text notification feature.
  •    There will be mapping links and a bi-lingual toggle as well.

This webinar will include a Q&A session where listeners will get a chance to submit their questions via the zoom chat feature.

In an effort to maximize the time (session is scheduled to be an hour long), we have compiled a list of questions in advance to get the conversation rolling but if you would like to submit a question, please feel free to send your question directly to Jim Fogler,

Instructions to join the webinar will be sent after you have registered.

Register Here!