Lawyer John Phillips buys Folio Weekly

A week after the social media announcement of the return of Folio magazine, Jacksonville lawyer John Phillips announced he is one of the new owners of the publication.


Column: Newspapers struggle across Florida, but we’re still here for you

It’s been another highly active news cycle week as we all read about the tragic death of George Floyd, racial tensions, violent protests, a social media battle, space travel and the ongoing battle to stop the spread of COVID-19. These stories along with many others had your local news media team scratching their heads a few times a day as to what goes on the front pages of your newspapers.


The New York Times was accused of siding with police because of ill-placed passive voice

A tweet from The New York Times about protests over the weekend attracted criticism for, of all things, its use of the passive voice.


Investigative journalism, long criticized for a lack of diversity, has made significant developments since March

There’s been little in the news lately besides coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic — and rightly so, as it is likely to be one of the defining episodes of our lifetimes — but around the time most of us were learning what “PPE” meant, there were several milestones emerging in our industry.


‘We’re careful about what we propose’: Even strapped for ad revenue, publishers are wary about taking retailer ad campaigns

As parts of the U.S. economy begin to open up, there’s new hope that the key retail sector will start to get going — and start spending on advertising.


Digital Publishing: Tools and Tricks You Can Use While Covering a Pandemic


It’s a combination of letters and numbers most of us had never seen placed together just a few short months ago. Now it dominates everything we do as journalists, from covering daily press briefings to chronicling the outbreak’s impact on our communities. Most breaking news is immediate and short-term, but coverage of the coronavirus outbreak has been relentlessly slow-moving, wearing down even the most well-tuned news staffs.


Three media innovations to watch during (and after) COVID-19

Like any other industry, media organizations around the world are trying hard to adapt to (more…)

Webinar takeaway: Learn how to get back some of your lost revenue

 Your advertiser’s mindset: They are absolutely overwhelmed by the pandemic and have fallen into (more…)

Tools for public service journalism: Tips and tricks for Glitch, MapBox and more

This month for Innovation in Focus, we experimented with a few of the tools that are being used (more…)

What needs to be done to help the media industry?

If it wasn’t already obvious that the media industry was in dire straits before the coronavirus came (more…)