Ficticious name notice

Effective July 1, the 2009 Legislature (Senate Bill 872) reinstated the newspaper notice requirement for new fictitious business names. (more…)

Classified ad phone scam hits Florida

In the previous edition of the e-Bulletin, we alerted our members to an attempted telephone scam that occurred at a newspaper in Kentucky. This scam has now affected (more…)

Legality of ads – surrogates, employment, cigarettes, and roofing

We have received several hotline calls and emails regarding the legality of a variety of advertisements, some of (more…)

Collecting sales tax on newspaper delivery charges

[A note from Sam Morley—“Below is a reprint of an article I wrote a couple of years ago explaining how a newspaper can avoid collecting Florida sales (more…)

Form for fictitious name notice

As indicated in the last e-bulletin, the 2009 Legislature (Senate Bill 872) reinstated the newspaper notice requirement (more…)

Newspaper notice of vehicle sales remains in place

The Automobile Lenders Industry Task Force issued its legislative recommendations on June 30 without any change to (more…)

Fictitious name print notice reinstituted during 2009 Legislative Session

Although legal advertising in newspapers in general was under attack in the Legislature this session, there was one bright spot for print notice (more…)

May workshops provide important feedback on the importance of legal notices in newspapers

FPA held two workshops on May 21 and 29 in Lake Mary and Tallahassee to obtain feedback on ways to preserve (more…)

From the Legal Hotline

Here are some questions received recently from various newspapers in calls to the legal hotline (877 NEWSLAW) and the (more…)

2009 Florida Regular Legislative Session summary

The 2009 Legislature extended its session an additional week to allow conferences to deal with finalizing (more…)