Crime, mugshots and takedown requests: Editors share newsroom approaches April 9

News Leaders Association and RJI to host the webinar inspired by RJI Fellowship project (more…)

We’re building a better system for tracking source diversity

Chalkbeat and the Reynolds Journalism Institute want your help to develop the future of source auditing (more…)

A streamlined unpublishing process is as important as thoughtful policy

An official request process and tracking form are vital — and we want to build you one. (more…)

Free conference presented by Reynolds Journalism Institute – Revenue models that work

Journalism, as a practice and a profession, stands at a financial crossroads. For much of its history, the money (more…)

Facebook Training – Sept. 18-22

LMA has partnered with Facebook to create a specialized training course that will help local account executives sell Facebook (more…)

Local journalist conference on the Middle East in Washington DC

The George Washington University’s Institute for Middle East Studies is now accepting applications for a 3-day fellows workshop (more…)

Leadership Academy for women in digital media

Now in its third year, the Leadership Academy for Women in Digital Media is returning to Poynter’s campus in St. Petersburg, Florida, the week of March 19-24, 2017. (more…)

Free webinar – Cold Calling Alternative: Learn How to Create an Inbound Lead Strategy

The Local Media Association is offering a free webinar for Florida Press Association members on March 17, 2016. (Regular fee $29.) (more…)

WordCamp Miami

WordCamp Miami, now in its 8th year, is Feb. 19-21 at Florida International University. Aside from a track specifically targeting (more…)

Responding to Ad Blockers Workshop

As ad blocking becomes a greater concern to the news media industry, disrupting the traditional ad supported revenue model and (more…)

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