Community Thrives — First Amendment Foundation

First Amendment Foundation is working to expand its internship program with the help of Gannett’s “A Community Thrives” grant program. (more…)

First Amendment Foundation Announces 2020 Winners of Lucy Morgan Award

TALLAHASSEE — The First Amendment Foundation announces today that the winners of the Fourth Annual Lucy Morgan Award for Open Government Reporting are: (more…)

Exposing Epstein’s Evils: An Evening with Julie K. Brown and Emily Michot

On December 2nd, the First Amendment Foundation will present a virtual discussion with Julie K. Brown and Emily Michot, (more…)

Derision 2020: Unmasked and Dangerous

As our election frenzy builds, it’s high time for some political hilarity with Derision 2020, (more…)

First Amendment Foundation: Public Service Announcement

There is no time more relevant for the First Amendment Foundation to become known more broadly in Florida. At a time when it gets more difficult to obtain public records and more expensive, when boards and councils meet behind closed doors in flagrant violation of the Sunshine Law, when journalists are ridiculed, arrested and beaten in the streets, and when law enforcement records are critical to conduct and accountability, the First Amendment Foundation is here to help. As you may be aware, we are a non-profit (501(c)(3)), non-partisan organization dedicated to Freedom of the Press, Open Government and Access to Public Records pursuant to Florida’s Constitution and the U.S. Constitution. (more…)

Opinion: Leadership in Crisis: A Call for Transparency and Open Government

If you aspired to be a great leader, would you send your team into harm’s way with incomplete (more…)

FAF December Roundup

A farewell from Barbara Petersen, FAF welcomes new President Pamela Marsh and more news from the First Amendment Foundation. (more…)

From busting crime to exposing secrecy: Pam Marsh takes the lead in Florida open-government advocacy

The Florida First Amendment Foundation (“FAF”) will be starting the new year with a new (more…)

FAF November Roundup

FAF welcomes incoming President Marsh and more news from the First Amendment Foundation. (more…)

FAF announces former United States Attorney Pamela Marsh to succeed President Barbara Petersen

The First Amendment Foundation is pleased to announce that Pamela Marsh, the former United States Attorney for the Northern District of Florida, will become president of the organization on December 1. She will replace Barbara Petersen, who announced her retirement (more…)

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