How Journalism Students Are Filling Gaps in Local News

As the local news crisis grows, staffs are thinning out and gaps in coverage are widening. But reinforcements are coming — journalism students doing the work that would otherwise go undone. (more…)

Stung By Media Coverage, Silicon Valley Starts Its Own Publications

Many journalists who cover technology have no idea what Marc Andreessen, one of the most powerful investors in Silicon Valley, has tweeted lately. (more…)

A special Poynter Report: Looking at this year’s Pulitzer Prizes

As we look back at 2020, three major news stories consumed the media cycle. (more…)

USA Today fights subpoena aimed at readers of Florida FBI shooting story

Newspaper publisher Gannett is fighting an effort by the FBI to try to determine who read a specific USA Today story about a deadly shooting in February near Fort Lauderdale, Fla., that left two FBI agents dead and three wounded. (more…)

Tampa Bay Times Investigation Makes Meaningful Impact

Found at, “Poisoned” is a two-part series first published in March. (more…)

Chronicle sold to Paxton Media Group

Paxton Media Group announced Tuesday the purchase of Landmark Community Newspapers LLC, a chain of daily and weekly newspapers based in Shelbyville, Kentucky (more…)

Mary Kelli Palka: We’ve added two new journalists. We’re looking for four more to join the Times-Union

The Florida Times-Union newsroom is growing, and we’re thrilled. (more…)

How student reporters investigated their campuses

Last week, Poynter wrapped up a yearlong partnership with 10 student media organizations across the country. (more…)

Heritage changes spelling of the word ‘anti-Semitism’

The Associated Press has changed its spelling of the word “antisemitism,” now writing it without a hyphen — joining the leading experts of hatred against Jews who have long advocated that usage. (more…)

Bidding farewell to the Herald-Tribune’s printing press

Since 1983, rain or shine, on weekends, holidays and all points in between, copies of the Herald-Tribune have flashed through machinery with so many moving parts it evokes Rube Goldberg schematics. (more…)

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