FAF December Roundup

A farewell from Barbara Petersen, FAF welcomes new President Pamela Marsh and more news from the First Amendment Foundation.

Farewell From Barbara Petersen

As we come close to the end of another wonderful year in the sunshine, I wanted to let you know that I truly enjoyed my 25-year fight for your right to know. I am proud of the work done at the Foundation during my tenure as president. We worked with five governors, numerous legislators and local government leaders to ensure that Florida government remains in the sunshine and accountable to its people. We have provided open government training to thousands of citizens, reporters, government employees, and public officials, and written dozens of friends of the court briefs supporting citizens and the media in open government litigation, including one case before the United States Supreme Court.

As I close out this last month as the FAF president, I hope you will help me go out with a bang by making a Legacy Contribution today. Your past support has meant more to me than I can express, and I look forward to working with you and FAF in the future as we continue to focus our energy and resources on protecting the public’s right to oversee its government and hold it accountable.

With gratitude,

Barbara A. Petersen, President Emeritus, First Amendment Foundation

Message from FAF’s Incoming President

As we countdown to the new year, I am eager to work with you and defend your right to open government. I have every intention of upholding the sterling reputation of FAF and pushing forward its mission. Now more than ever, the mission of the Foundation is critical to Florida communities and to a thriving democracy.

I am grateful to Barbara and the Board of the FAF for offering me this opportunity to serve the people of Florida and the objectives of the First Amendment. One of my highest priorities is to expand our membership and financial resources to support the Foundation’s important work.

I humbly request your support as I begin to lead the Foundation into the next decade.

As we approach the end of 2019, you can be a catalyst to help me achieve this goal by:

  • Clicking here to join as a Member;
  • Clicking on the donation button below to support the Foundation;
  • Send us your thoughts via email for FAF’s future!

I welcome your input regarding how we can work together to keep Florida in the Sunshine.

All my best wishes to you for a happy holiday season,

Pamela C. Marsh, Incoming President, First Amendment Foundation


First Amendment Foundation in the News:

Click here to read an excellent profile on Barbara Petersen by Fresh Take Florida reporter Angela DiMichele and photographer Chris Day.

Click here to listen to FAF’s new President Pamela Marsh on our priorities for 2020.

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FAF Top Posts – November

#1 Google’s secret cache of medical data includes names and full details of millions – whistleblower
The Guardian by Ed Pilkington
November 12, 2019

#2 Pasco superintendent blocked a critic on social media. He can’t do that.
Tampa Bay Times by Jeffrey S. Soloschek
November 13, 2019

#3 The slippery slope of more public records loopholes in Florida
Sun-Sentinel by Steve Bouquet
November 6, 2019