Post election newsroom support; stay connected with us

The review of the 2020 election still continues, although for Florida it’s been a bit more straightforward than in previous election cycles.

Dear FPA members,

As my Florida fellowship enters its final weeks, here are some ways to stay connected to First Draft’s research team and online community through the end of the year and beyond.

  • Follow our private Twitter handle
    Journalists may request access to our @FD_Update handle.
  • Live insights dashboard
    Bookmark our US 2020 Dashboard for an at-a-glance snapshot on what our investigative research team sees online. We provide context and suggest how to gather and best use the information you need to accurately report on developing online narratives for your audiences.
  • SMS Election Updates
    Get urgent alerts, reporting advice, links to tools and resources. Subscribe here.
  • Join our Slack press pool
    First Draft’s investigations into misinformation trends and narratives are available to members of our CrossCheck Slack community. Request access here.
  • CrowdTangle Live Displays
    We have created Live Displays in CrowdTangle with Facebook and Reddit posts, pages and groups by state, using problematic search terms to surface popular online narratives that can be found here.
  • Journalists who would like help with an online investigation, have questions about content or need a quote can reach out via SMS, @FD_Update, Slack or by email

As always, let me know what questions, concerns or tips you may have. Please contact me at See one more time in December!

All the best,

Damon Scott

First Draft’s Florida fellow