Misinformation in 2021; searching 4chan

As my Florida fellowship enters its final days, I wanted to leave you some resources and ways to stay connected.

Dear FPA members,

The year is almost over and my Florida fellowship is coming to an end.

First Draft researchers are showcasing the lessons we learned this year as part of the project 20/20 Vision. This 10-article series features reflections on an unprecedented year, and lessons for disrupting misinformation in 2021. The first stories in the series:

(2) Monitoring /pol/ to see what the highest-performing threads are. 

  • We don’t often do this because there is a lot of shocking content and misinformation.
  • Discussions on 4chan are ephemeral and disappear sometimes by the minute.

This site https://4stats.io allows you to select a board and shows you the most active threads.

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All the best,

Damon Scott

First Draft’s Florida fellow