Update: Public Notice Bills, 2021 Session, Wrap Up.

Here is the final status of the public notice bills we followed during session:

Senate Bill 402:

As reported previously, in mid-April, FPA staff and other parties worked through the weekend to reach a compromise with the Senate sponsor, and, thereafter, the compromise language was unanimously adopted by the Appropriations Committee on Monday, April 19. A few weeks later, the bill was taken up on the Senate floor during the last week of session, where it was “laid on the table,” and replaced with an amended version of HB 35 (similar to SB 402). This version of SB 35 passed the Senate unanimously, 39-0.

House Bill 35:   

Meanwhile, on the House side, the bad original version of the House bill that placed the notices on government websites was revisited by the chamber. This occurred near the end of session after the Senate sent over its amended HB 35 (similar to SB 402). The House took up the bill, “concurred with” the amendment the Senate had approved, and then passed HB 35 with a vote of 105-9.

HB 35, as amended, now having passed both the Senate and House, will now be enrolled, and then sent to the Governor, who is expected to sign it.

The new language in HB 35 is summarized in recent communications to members from FPA staff “Important Public Notice Legislation Update.”

 Thanks to all those publishers and other reps who travelled to Tallahassee to testify regarding the Senate and House bills. The bills appeared on 9 committee hearing agendas, all of which we appeared at, and which entailed a huge commitment of your time, which we greatly appreciate.

For more information about any of these items, please call Jim Fogler at 321.283.5277 or Sam Morley at 321.283.5353, or email at jfogler@mediagenius.com or smorley@flpress.com.