Tampa Bay Times Investigation Makes Meaningful Impact

Found at tampabay.com/poisoned, “Poisoned” is a two-part series first published in March. The investigation team included investigative reporter Corey G. Johnson, investigative reporter Rebecca Woolington and data reporter Eli Murray. Former deputy editor of investigations, Adam Playford, oversaw the project until his departure from the paper last December. Mark Katches, Times executive editor and vice president, took over from there. Additionally, “Poisoned” was reported in collaboration with FRONTLINE, the PBS series, through its Local Journalism Initiative. They helped fund the investigation and provided consultation.

The first part of the series spotlighted the issues and health risks found within the factory and the consequences employees suffered. The second part focused on the lack of oversight by federal regulators. The series utilized video footage and photos from inside the factory and infographics that depicted what lead can do to a human body and what protection is needed.

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