Latest on Public Notices and HB 35

Public Notice Newsletter Template Now Available

FPA staff, working with Sandi Kemp and Sandpaper Marketing, will be creating newsletter templates for members to use to better publicize the new public notice law (HB 35) and help guide local governments and other entities that place these notices in newspapers.  The first newsletter will be available this week and can be found at the FPA website under Member Resources.

The newsletter will be provided every other week with questions and answers that have been vetted by those most  familiar with the law and other pertinent information on the new law and the value of newspaper notice. The newsletter will be  in a PDF “turnkey” format which will merely require you to add your logo and personalize it as you see fit before sending it out to your local contacts.

As with every change in the law, there are new paths that can be taken and questions that arise.  We hope these newsletters will be a useful resource for both members and government agencies, who will be directly responsible for carrying out the new law.

Our goal is to keep you in the loop on these changes and help you better navigate the transition to the new requirements.

Updated Public Notice Q&As and Creative Info.

 The HB 35 Q&As and related information have been updated so keep abreast of the latest by downloading this material from the FPA website under Member Resources.