Shed light on the epidemic of suicides

High-profile deaths always grab headlines. Suicides especially draw attention as witnessed by the deaths of renowned fashion (more…)

To rebuild trust, we need to change journalistic process

Even in the age of Trump, and with trust in journalists at historic lows, much of the industry remains convinced that it (more…)

Trump says trade wars are ‘easy.’ Here come the first American casualties.

President Trump believes that “trade wars are good, and easy to win.” So he started one. (more…)

Stick to the basics: Present all sides of the story

Most reporters can likely relate to this scenario. Someone speaks up at a public meeting to unleash criticism about (more…)

This time, privacy outweighs right to know

Public records are the foundation for reporting a range of stories important to your readers. (more…)

The dis-economies of scale for small town newspapers

In the last 15 years, more than half of the jobs at newspapers have disappeared, down from 412,000 to 174,000, according (more…)

Why news organizations can’t go it alone

How I tire of journalists asking whether and how technology is bad for society, forever starting with what (more…)

Hold editorials to highest standard

What’s the first word you associate with editorials? Editorials can serve a variety of roles. (more…)

Digital transformation means focusing on readers, not platforms

In over 15 years of senior digital experience in North America’s leading news organizations as well (more…)

Here comes somebody: Journalism and the trust economy

I think we’re beyond peak fake news pandemic. The early fever of moral panic has abated. Attention is moving from symptoms (more…)

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